Ice and Snow Experiments

Here is a collection of fun ice and snow experiments from around the web. The ice experiments are great year round. The snow experiments are best if you have real snow around, but you can make your own snow or just use crushed ice for many of the experiments.

15+ Ice and Snow Experiments for Kids - Check out this great collection!

Ice Experiments

Colorful Science Investigation with Ice and Salt

Melting Ice Experiment – Explore conduction of materials and heat transfer with this simple ice experiment.

Hockey Science from Creative Family Fun – Explore what will slide on ice.

Smiley and Melting Snowmen from Kitchen Counter Chronicles – Inspired by the book, The Smiley Snowman, discover which ice cube snowman will melt first {complete with a stop motion video of the results}.

The Snowman Experiment from Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas – Build a snowman with ice balloons and observe which one will melt first. Lovely tips for how to assemble an ice snowman.

What Melts Ice the Fastest? from Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas – Explore what substances will cause ice to melt the fastest.

Ice Play for Kids from Science Sparks – Freeze a toy in ice and figure out the best way to rescue it. This post includes the science behind water freezing and why ice feels sticky.

Check out even more ice science ideas from Science Sparks. Learn how to make frost, make seasonal ice, move a wire through ice, and more!

Snow Experiments

Fizzy Melting Snowmen – Try 3 different ways to make a snowman that bubbles and melts when you add vinegar.

Cars and Ramps in the Snow – Practice asking questions, making predictions, designing an experiment, and testing ideas all while playing with cars and ramps in the snow.

Snow and Water Science Experiment – This experiment answers a question posed by my 4 year old.

Snow Science Experiment – Place snow in 3 different temperatures to see which will melt first.

Snow Science Prediction and Observation from Creative Family Fun – They placed jars of snow in 4 different locations to discover which snow will melt first.

Snow Volcano from Science Sparks – Make this awesome volcano with snow!

Melting Snowmen from Toddler Approved – How long will it take to melt your snowman with a hair dryer?

Fill a bucket full of snow and measure the height. Let the snow melt. Now measure how much water you have! Snow takes up a lot more volume than liquid water.

Fill a bucket with snow! Check out all of the Ice and Snow Experiments for Kids in this great collection!

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This post was originally published on January 10, 2014.

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