20 Ways to Build a Rocket: Experiments and Crafts

We’re on a bit of a rocket kick here at Inspiration Laboratories. My son loves all things space and rockets are his current favorite thing. He’s asked to do some rocket experiments, so I thought I would gather up some of the best ways to build a rocket from around the web. You’ll find ideas for rocket experiments and rocket crafts.

20 Ways to Build a Rocket: Experiments and Craft Ideas for Kids

Build a Rocket and Try an Experiment

Easter Egg Rocket Races – Create Easter egg rockets from plastic eggs. Then, race them two different ways: blast off to the sky or launch them back down to Earth.

Learn how to make straw rockets from The Pleasantest Thing.

Nerdy Science built these cool squeeze rocket launchers.

Make a classic balloon rocket. What Do We Do All Day? has the instructions plus some great variation suggestions for experimenting with your balloon rockets.

NASA has instructions for a building a bubble-powered rocket. It’s another classic rocket experiment using film canisters and alka-selzter tablets.

Don’t have film canisters? Playdough to Plato has a great replacement. Try their exploding pop rockets.

Creekside Learning changed the amount and type of water for their pop rocket experiment.

Use air pressure to launch a bottle rocket up to the sky. Science Sparks shows us how.

air pressure bottle rocket from Science Sparks

Build a two-stage balloon rocket. Kids Activities Blog has the details.

Use a water hose to send these water rockets from Edventures with Kids flying. Can you experiment with the trajectory and change how far the rockets go?

Explore magnetism and build a rocket with tin cans and magna tiles like And Next Comes L.

The baking soda and vinegar reaction is responsible for powering this chemistry rocket from Steve Spangler Science.

We have plans to build a few rockets of our own, so stay tuned!

Rocket Crafts that Inspire Pretend Play

I think every kid starts out making rockets with cardboard tubes and paper. We made some with tissue paper to represent fire at our Disney Imagicademy play date sponsored by Disney.

cardboard tube rocket

Although this toilet roll craft rocket from Kids Activities Blog (and MollyMoo) is my favorite. The marker drawing gives it such style.

This recycled rocket craft from No Time for Flashcards is the perfect example of using your imagination to create something awesome.

Make a cardboard box rocketship like this one from Lemon Lime Adventures. It’s the perfect place to hide away and pretend you’re flying through space.

Try the mess free pour paint rockets from Toddler Approved. They are so colorful.

Our shape rocket sticky wall lets kids explore shapes and build rockets over and over again.

Shape Rocket Sticky Wall

Stir the Wonder built rockets with shapes, too. Check out how they made their rockets reusable.

NurtureStore makes junk model space rockets and a lunar landscape. How fun!

Happy rocket building!


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