Valentine Soap Foam Letter Search

This valentine soap foam is a wonderful bubbly sensory experience. We added letters to the foam and created a letter search to work on reading word families. You can also use it to practice letter recognition, letter sounds, sight words, or spelling. So fun! Affiliate links are used in this post.

Search for letters to make words in our bubbly valentine soap foam!

Valentine Soap Foam Letter Search

Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • Dish soap
  • Water
  • Liquid Watercolors
  • Blender
  • Letter tiles – We used Bananagrams (affiliate link)

Make the Soap Foam

To make the soap foam, I used the Rainbow Soap Foam recipe from Fun at Home with Kids. This recipe is also found in Asia’s book: 150+ Screen-Free Activities for Kids (affiliate link) along with lots of other awesome play ideas.

This valentine soap foam is a wonderful bubbly sensory experience!

In a blender, add 2 tablespoons of dish soap to 1/4 cup of water. Add in washable liquid watercolors – I used a tablespoon of red, but I’m not sure I really needed to use this much. If you don’t have liquid watercolors, you can use food coloring, but be careful about it staining. Blend the mixture to create a pink soap foam that fills the blender. I scooped most (3/4) of the soap foam out of the blender and transferred it to a large baking dish. I blended the remaining mixture a second time. You’ll get more soap foam but it won’t fill the blender all of the way. Add this to the rest of your soap foam. I made a second batch to fill the baking dish with even more bubbles.

valentine soap foam1

Set up the Letter Search

There are several ways you can play this game depending on what skills you are targeting.

  • Letters or letter sounds – Add letter tiles to the soap foam. Have your child search through the foam to find a letter. Have him say each letter or letter sound as he goes.

Search for letters to practice letter sounds in our bubbly valentine soap foam!

  • Word families – Choose a word family to focus on. We chose to start with -at words. Aiden and I placed letters in the soap foam that would combine with -at to form a word. Search for the letters in the foam. Once a letter is found, pair it with the -at. Read the word.

Search for letters to make words in our bubbly valentine soap foam!

  • Sight words or spelling words – Add the letters of one target word to the soap foam. Have your child search for the letters. After they are all found, have your child arrange the letters to spell the target word. You can have the target word printed out, so your child can match letter for letter or you can say the word and your child can spell it with the letters found. (Use Valentine themed words for extra fun.)

Search for letters to make words in our bubbly valentine soap foam!

What do you think of our valentine soap foam?

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