Top 10 Preschool Science Activities of 2015

Preschool science activities are always popular here at Inspiration Laboratories. Yesterday I shared our favorite kid’s activities from the year. Many of them were science ideas. Here are the top 10 most popular preschool science activities that were published in 2015 (plus a few past ideas that are still really popular).

Top 10 preschool science activities of 2015 at Inspiration Laboratories

Top 10 Preschool Science Activities of 2015

#1) 20 Ways to Build a Rocket: Experiments and Crafts – This collection of ideas was the most popular science post from this year.

#2) Frozen Oobleck – It’s cold and squishy and tons of sensory science fun. (This topped my list of favorites.)

#3) How to Build a Boat: 25 Designs and Experiments for Kids – Another popular collection of building ideas. Which ones have you tried?

#4) Big Hero 6 Science: Honey Lemon’s Chemistry Concoctions (sponsored by Disney) – We created our own Big Hero 6 science lab using Honey Lemon’s chemistry concoctions as inspiration. We made (pretend) hardening foam, cushioning foam, and explosives!

#5) 12 Candy Cane Science Experiments – This post was only published in November but it quickly became popular. Do you have leftover candy canes? Try out these ideas!

#6) Simple Machines for Kids: Levers and Pulleys (sponsored by 3M) – We used Command™ hooks to create a pulley board. It was a fun way to learn about levers and pulleys.

#7) 22 Outdoor Science Experiments and Activities – This collection has 22 ways to take science outside. They are all ideas that we have done and loved.

#8) Exploding Baggies – What do you get when you combine baking soda and vinegar in a plastic baggie? An expanding bag that pops! This is a classic science activity that you’ll want to try out with your kids. (It tops Aiden’s list of favorites this year.)

#9) 20+ Temperature Experiments and Activities – Yet another popular collection of science ideas. Temperature experiments are easy to design. Even preschoolers can try these out.

#10) Exploring Kinetic Energy with a Refrigerator Marble Run – Build a marble run on your refrigerator and have fun exploring how changes in the design cause changes in the movement of the marble.

Which idea is your favorite?

Popular Preschool Science Activities of the Past

Candy Cane Science Experiment –  I wrote about this activity in 2013 for our Christmas Science Advent calendar. All of our Christmas science ideas are pretty popular, but this one tops the list for the 2nd year in a row.

Baking Soda Science – Baking soda and vinegar ideas are our favorites and apparently yours, too! Here are 20+ ideas for experimenting with baking soda.

10 Ways to Make a Volcano with Kids – This was the 2nd most popular science post in 2014. It’s still really popular. How many ways to make a volcano have you tried?

Frozen Vinegar Hearts – This still holds the record for most popular post of all time at Inspiration Laboratories. Although this year, a new post was really close to overtaking the lead. I’ll reveal that post on Saturday for the Best Kids Activities of 2015.

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