Ten Black Dots by Donald Crews {Virtual Book Club for Kids}

August’s featured author for the Virtual Book Club for Kids is Donald Crews. We have enjoyed reading several of his books this month. (You can read more about them through my Amazon affiliate links that follow.) Freight Train has always been a favorite of ours. We’ve also enjoyed Parade, Sail Away, and Ten Black Dots. In Ten Black Dots by Donald Crews, the question is asked, “What can you do with ten black dots?” How about some art and math ideas?

Art, Stortelling, and Math Activities for Ten Black Dots by Donald Crews {part of the Virtual Book Club for Kids}

Ten Black Dots by Donald Crews

In Ten Black Dots, you’ll find black dots on each page. With one dot, you can make a sun or a moon. With three dots, you can make a snowman. You’ll find boats and coats, marbles and rocks, seeds, trains, and balloons. Use the book to practice counting from 1 to 10. Then, create your own pictures with dots as inspiration.

Ten Black Dots Story Starter Art

For this art idea, you’ll need paper, black dot stickers, and your choice of medium {paint, marker, crayons, pencils, etc.}. I could only find white dot stickers, so I colored them with a black permanent marker and allowed the marker to dry.

I had Aiden place as many dot stickers as he wanted on the paper color of his choice. As he placed the dots on, I asked him what the dots were. What was he making? He added three dots to his green paper. He said he was making a snowman. {3 dots in the book corresponds to a snowman as well.} Then, he added 2 more dots – he was making the eyes of a fox. 2 more dots were added – they were the eyes of keys. He didn’t know what the last 3 dots on the paper were.

Ten Black Dots Art and Storytelling

We counted the black dots. He happened to choose only ten. On this particular day, he chose to work with red paint. {He loves paint.} He started painting his fox {I think he decided the 3 dots at the top were now part of the fox} and telling a story of what was happening to it. His final art piece doesn’t look like much. That is perfectly fine – this one was all about the process.

Next, he wanted to trace his hand so it could hold black dot marbles. He painted his hand blue. Aiden changed his mind about the marbles. Above the hand he wanted to add a sun and some balloons. Markers helped him finish the details. I really like his creativity in this one. I’m not sure if he planned it, but it looks like the hand is releasing the balloons into the sky.

Ten Black Dots Art

Our last art piece is of a snowman and the moon. I added 3 dots to the paper. Aiden’s responded, “Is that going to be a snowman?” I said, “Sure, would you like to draw him?” “No,” said Aiden.” So I drew the snowman’s head and added three black dots down the middle. “He has buttons?!” Aiden asked seemingly interested. “Yes,” I replied. “Would you like to finish painting him?” “No.” By this time, he has grabbed the paint bottles and is pretending they are penguins. I add a moon to the paper and ask Aiden if he wants to add stars. Nope. He’s done painting and is content to play with his pretend penguins.

Ten Black Dots Art

Ten Black Dots Numbers Matching

I made number circles to practice counting flowers last week. I decided to add numbers to the circles and create a simple matching game. I numbered some black dots from 1 to 10 {using a white colored pencil.} I set the dots next the number circles and let Aiden have fun matching them.

Ten Black Dots Number Matching

And you are welcome to download the 10 Black Dots Number Printable for personal or classroom use.

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