Tape and a Refrigerator

I love super simple learning and play activities like this one.

All you need is a role of tape.
{We used painter’s tape, but masking tape would probably work, too.
I liked that the painter’s tape wasn’t too sticky and we could easily move it around.}

Aiden tore some pieces off and had me tear off other pieces.

He placed some pieces on the refrigerator.  I placed some on there, too.  He asked me to add letters.

The tiger needed to travel along the tape.

Next, we made a race track.

The car liked it.

Aiden enjoyed removing and rearranging the tape, too.

In this little activity, Aiden worked on:

  • imagination
  • creativity
  • fine motor skills
  • letters
  • shapes
  • communication
What simple, learning through play ideas do you enjoy?

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