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An Invitation to Explore with Ramps and Cars

cars and ramps invitation to explore

Set up an invitation to explore ramps. All you need is something to use as a ramp and a car or two. How about using part of a cardboard box or a book? Create the ramp by raising up one end of a flat surface. Use a stack of books or lean the ramp up against something. In the photo at the top of the newsletter, I used a cereal box and a plastic storage bin. Place the cars at the top of the ramp and invite your child to explore.

Ages: This activity is appropriate for all ages. Use baby-safe materials (larger cars and a sturdy, low ramp) and babies can play, too.

Questions to Ask:
Which car will reach the bottom of the ramp first?
How can we make the car go faster? (Raise the height of the ramp, add weight to the car)

More links to explore:
K is for Kinetic Energy (part of the A to Z Science series for toddlers and preschoolers) – more ways to explore the energy of motion with kids

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