Stars Inspire Imaginations

As Imagination Week at the MeMeTales Readathon continues, we’re enjoying reading the available books – Doors in the AirNight Boy, and There’s a Dinosaur in the Park. A child’s imagination never ceases to amaze me. My two and half year old son is no exception to this. One day while driving, we saw the moon low in the sky. It was reddish in color – a harvest moon – reflecting the sunset. Aiden was very excited to see the moon like this. He said it was on fire. He loves to tell the story of the moon on fire. He currently enjoys learning about the planets and stars as well. I think that’s why he enjoys reading Night Boy so much. The stars in the story will inspire imaginations of other children just like they inspired Aiden.

Night Boy is a story about a brother named Night who sets out playing hide and go seek with his sister, Day. He can’t find her on Earth, so he and his teddy go look for her in space. Night starts playing with the stars and forgets about his game of hide and seek. Inspired by Night, we played with the stars as well.

Make Your Own Constellations

Make Your Own Constellations

Pretend to be Night by grabbing a bag of stars and creating pictures.


  • foam
  • star stencil
  • pen
  • scissors
  • sparkly pom poms
  • craft sticks

How to Play

Method 1 (Quick Play) – Grab a handful of sparkly pom poms. Spread them on the floor creating a picture. Talk about the pictures you made.

pom poms constellation

Method 2

  1. Using a star stencil, trace stars onto pieces of foam. {I used the lid of my niece’s shape sorter.}
    star tracing
  2. Cut out stars until you get the number you desire. We had 12.
  3. Create pictures with your stars on the floor.
  4. Connect the stars with craft sticks.

 connect the dots

Extra learning possibilities – add numbers or letters to the stars and play connect the dots in numerical or alphabetical order.

Add to the fun and inspire imagination by giving your child a cape and a crown like Night.

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Have stars ever inspired your imagination?

What activities have you done with stars?

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