St. Patrick’s Day Math: Graphing Shamrocks

How about a fun preschool math activity that practices counting, recording data, and graphing? The shamrocks make it perfect for St. Patrick’s Day math. I’ve created a few printables so you can easily replicate this activity at home or school.

Shamrock Graphing

St. Patrick’s Day Math

What You’ll Need:

  • 2 dice
  • shamrocks printable (large/small)
  • scissors
  • contact paper {optional}
  • magnets or tape {optional}
  • data collection and graphing worksheets {optional}

Graphing on the Magnet Board

Aiden and I created a graph on the magnetic whiteboard side of our easel.

Shamrock Graphing for St. Patrick's Day

It’s super simple to set this up. Print out the large shamrocks. Laminate or cover them with contact paper to make them more durable. Then, cut them out.


I had adhesive magnetic sheets leftover from our Valentine Hearts on the Magnet Board activity. { gave them to us.} I added magnets to the back You could also use tape to attach the shamrocks to your graph.

How to Play:

  1. Draw a graph.
  2. Roll the dice. {We only used 1 die since there was room for only 7 large shamrocks on the whiteboard.}
  3. Count the dots on the dice.
  4. Add that many shamrocks to the graph.
  5. Continue rolling, counting, and adding shamrocks as long as you want. {We only had room for 4 rolls on our board. Aiden took off the shamrocks and started again with Roll 1}

Shamrock Math Printables

Shamrock Math Printables Shamrock Graphing for St. Patrick's Day

I created a data table and graph for you to print out and use as well. Instructions for the activity are included. Print out the small shamrocks and they should fit on the graph. Have kids glue or tape them down. You could also use stickers.

Download the small shamrocks here: Small Printable

Download the data table and graph here: Data Collection and Graphing

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