Spelling with M&M’s

This post is part of week-long candy series with other bloggers. Each day we’re sharing different candy activities for kids. Today’s theme is candy learning activities. Here at Inspiration Laboratories, we are spelling with M&M’s.

Spelling with M&M's and a Free Printable

Sorting & Counting M&M’s

First Aiden sorted the M&M’s by color – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and brown. When he had a good amount of each color, I showed him the printables.

Spelling with M&M’s

I created a printable with color words and Aiden’s name made out of dots slightly larger than M&M’s. I helped Aiden read the letters and figure out the color words. He recognized his name immediately.

Spelling with M&M's and a Free Printable

Then, he covered the dots with M&M’s.

Spelling with M&M's and a Free Printable

Aiden really enjoyed spelling with M&M’s. He was even able to complete the activity without eating the M&M’s – he didn’t want to use up the colors he needed for the activity.

I also asked him to count how many red M&M’s {or whatever color we were on}.

This activity promotes reading, spelling, color recognition, counting, sorting {classification}, and fine motor skills.

Instead of M&M’s, you could also use Skittles, Reese’s Pieces, or anything about that size. If you want a non-candy option, try using beads to cover the dots.

Spelling with M&M’s Printable

Spelling with M&M's Printable

You can download the Spelling with M&M’s Printable for your personal use.

More Dot Printables

If you like this dot activity, you’ll enjoy our number circles, too:

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This post was first published on October 9, 2013.

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