Simple Valentine Heart Craft

Here’s a super simple preschool craft for Valentine’s Day. All you need are pipecleaners and beads to make this Valentine heart craft.

Valentine Heart Craft for Kids

Simple Valentine Heart Craft

My son is very excited about all of the Valentine decorations in the stores this year. He points out the reds and pinks as we pass by them.  He talks about all of the hearts he sees. He was equally excited when I brought out materials to make our own Valentine crafts. I’ll be showing them to you over the next few weeks.

First up is the easiest of all our craft ideas: Beaded Valentine hearts.

Supplies Needed

  • pipecleaners (or chenille sticks)
  • pony beads

This craft has small pieces so this is not recommended for children who explore things with their mouths. Adult supervision is needed. (Join in on the fun!)

I set this craft up as an invitation for Aiden (age 3). I bent the pipecleaner into a heart shape and set a handful of pony beads next to it. We had made ornaments with pipecleaners and beads at Christmas time, so he was familiar with the materials. Otherwise, I would show him how to place the beads on the pipecleaner.

Heart Craft Invitation

He immediately picked up the pipecleaner and started adding beads one by one. This is great fine motor practice.

Valentine Heart Craft

After he added all of the beads, I connected the middle of the heart together and twisted it closed.

Valentine Heart Craft

Heart Craft to Learning Activity

Turn the heart craft into a learning activity:

  • Talk about the colors used.
  • Count the beads.
  • Create a pattern – alternate between two colors.
  • Practice measuring – use a ruler to evenly space the beads.
  • Talk about the heart shape and create other shapes from the pipecleaners.

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This post was originally published on January 23, 2013.

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