Science at Home: Baking Soda Science

Yesterday I shared 10 of my baking soda science ideas and introduced this month’s Challenge and Discover theme: baking soda. There are so many ways to explore baking soda that I wanted to share a list with you. Some of these, we have tried and loved. Others I am looking forward to testing out. I had a few friends join me for our Science at Home video series and share their favorite baking soda science ideas, too.

20 Baking Soda Science Ideas for Kids

Science at Home: Baking Soda

Watch the video to see the baking soda science activities we shared.

1) Aiden helps me show mixing baking soda with various liquids from the kitchen. I talk about comparing the reactions.

2) Jamie from hands on : as we grow shares a baking soda and vinegar experiment with color fun.

3) Anthea from Blue Bear Wood talks about the gas released from a baking soda and vinegar reaction and shows us how to use the carbon dioxide to blow up a balloon and put out a candle.

4) Allison from Learn Play Imagine shows us color mixing with baking soda and vinegar eruptions.

My Top 3 Baking Soda Science Ideas

Mixing baking soda with various kitchen ingredients. Try this baking soda experiment to test what will react.

B is for Baking Soda and Vinegar & BUBBLES: Use the baking soda and vinegar reaction to blow bubbles. Using the reaction to blow up a balloon is pretty common, but have you ever used the reaction to blow bubbles?

B is for Baking Soda & Vinegar and BUBBLES

Mix baking soda with frozen vinegar hearts or any frozen vinegar shapes. Freezing changes the reaction time and adds to the sensory experience.

My Favorite Baking Soda Science Ideas from Around the Web

In addition to the ideas above, these are some of the best baking soda science ideas I have found.

Throw a monster tea party. {Science Sparks}

Monster Tea Party

Have fun with baking soda ice cubes. {Science Sparks} And then pair it with frozen vinegar for additional fun.

Get surprise colors while experimenting with baking soda and vinegar. {Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas}

Create some dissolving rocks. {Reading Confetti}

dissolving rocks
Dissolving Rocks from Reading Confetti

Make giant Kool Aid eruptions. Use Kool Aid instead of vinegar for a fun sensory experience and add a secret ingredient to make the eruptions giant! {Learn Play Imagine}

Baking Soda and Bubbles Science Experiment {Fun at Home with Kids at The Imagination Tree} This is a great experiment for comparing reactions.

Learn how to make raisins dance. {Science Sparks} What else can you make dance? We tried dancing candy hearts.

dancing hearts

Build a volcano outside with dirt. {A Mom With A Lesson Plan}

Build a volcano with snow! {Science Sparks}

Make an ice volcano. {Reading Confetti}

Entice kids with a question: Which will make the biggest eruption? {No Time for Flashcards}

Make a carbon dioxide sandwich. {Steve Spangler Science} We used this technique for our exploding fireworks paintings.

Don’t forget to check out the Challenge and Discover: Baking Soda Science post with even more ideas plus link up your own!

 Baking Soda Experiments for Kids - A Challenge and Discover Theme from Inspiration Laboratories and Science Sparks

What are your favorite ways to explore with baking soda?

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