20 Science Activities with Plastic Easter Eggs

Are you looking for science ideas to do around Easter? Or are you looking for ways to use your plastic Easter eggs? Try these science activities with plastic Easter eggs!

Use plastic Easter eggs in these fun science activities for kids.

Science Activities with Plastic Easter Eggs

Fun with Ramps

Egg Rolling Baby Game – Explore ramps with this simple game for babies. It’s great for toddlers and older siblings, too.

egg rolling ramp

Wobbly Easter Egg Ramp Races from And Next Comes L – How does a wobbly egg behave when rolling down a ramp?

Plastic Egg Races from Little Bins for Little Hands – How does changing the angle of the ramp affect how the eggs roll?

Measuring Ideas

Launching Easter Eggs Experiment – Use Hot Wheels launchers to practice counting and measuring. How far will the different eggs travel?

Launching Easter Eggs Experiment

Wobbly Easter Egg Roll from And Next Comes L – How far can you roll a wobbly Easter egg?

Magnetic Explorations

Magnet Science with Plastic Eggs from Modern Preschool – Explore what is magnet and what is not with this activity.

Magnetic Eggs from Frugal Fun 4 Boys – Make your own magnetic eggs to explore and have fun.

Magnetic eggs from Frugal Fun 4 Boys

Playing with Sounds

Sound Eggs – Shake the eggs and guess what’s inside by listening to the sound that’s made. Work on listening skills and observation skills with this fun game.

Practice Listening Skills with Sound Eggs

LEGO Easter Egg Sound Experiment from The Pleasantest Thing – A great comparison activity to work on listening skills and estimation.

Gardening with the Plastic Eggs

Plastic Egg Greenhouse from JDaniel 4’s Mom – This is a cool project to try with clear eggs.

Plastic Egg Mini Planting Pots from Coffee Cups and Crayons – They even solved the problem of the eggs tipping.

Other Plastic Egg Science Activities

Easter Egg Rocket Races – Create Easter egg rockets from plastic eggs. Then, race them two different ways: blast off to the sky or launch them back down to Earth.

Easter Egg Rocket Races

More Ways Launch Easter Eggs from Little Bins for Little Hands – Learn how to make catapults, balloon rockets, slingshots and more!

Sink or Float from No Time for Flashcards – Add an Easter egg twist to the classic sink or float experiment.

Which is the heaviest? from Science Sparks – Fill your eggs with a variety of materials and them order them by weight. Such a great way to practice observation skills.

Which is Heaviest? from Science Sparks

Play an Egg Hunt to Learn about Egg Laying Animals from Pre-K Pages – Be sure to download the free printables to count, tally, and graph the results.

Plastic Egg Stacking Game from Toddler Approved – How high can you stack the eggs? Play this fun balance game to find out.

Easter Egg Hunt Map Reading – Practice map reading skills while hunting for Easter eggs.

Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt with Picture Clues – Scavenger hunts do a great job of working on problem solving skills.

Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt with Picture Clues

What to Do with Leftover Easter Egg Dye? Experiment with it of course!

Have you done any science activities with plastic Easter eggs? Share them in the comments. I’d love to check them out!

Bonus: Egg Drop Experiments

Check out my suggestions for conducting egg drop experiments plus see 8 different variations in action.

Egg Drop Experiments

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This post was originally published on February 19, 2016.

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