Rock Drawings

You’ve drawn on the sidewalk with chalk before, but have you ever drawn with rocks?  Many types of rocks will write on the ground just like chalk.  Collect some rocks and try it out!  {Some rocks don’t erase easily like chalk.  You should test the rocks in a place you don’t mind taking a long while to disappear.}

You can draw letters.

You can trace shadows.

A chilly morning required a jacket. It makes for a fun shadow to trace.

Try tracing rocks, leaves, sticks, and any other objects you have around.  Talk about the different shapes.  Write down the names of the objects.

Stack a few rocks.  See how high you can build.  Gather a lot of rocks and create a wall.

Grab some buckets and fill them with rocks.  Empty the buckets and make rock piles.  {Be mindful that rocks can be heavy and can easily squish little hands, fingers, and feet.}

What can your imagination create from this setup? What stories can you and your little ones tell?

What shapes can you make with the rocks.  We made a big giant circle.

You can also just scribble away and draw to your heart’s content.

What ways do you enjoy rocks?



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