20 Ideas to Practice Measuring

There are so many ways to practice and teach the science and math skill of measuring. Here are some ideas I’ve collected from around the web for fun ways to practice measuring.

practice measuring

Practice Measuring with a Tape Measure or Ruler

 practice using a tape measure

Leann from Montessori Tidbits shares how to Teach Math with a Tape Measure at Carrots Are Orange. Practice measuring, number recognition, and graphing. (1)

JDaniel4’s Mom shares a measuring activity to go along with the book, Watch Out! Big Bro’s Coming by Jez Alborough. (2)

Race your cars and measure the distance they travel. More practice with measuring, number recognition, and graphing from Think Magnet. (3)

Does your child collect sticks? Make your own measuring stick. Make, Do and Friend shows you how along with some other fun math ideas. (4)

Momma’s Fun World gets out the tape measure to measure blocks of wood and practice drawing lines. (5)

Child Central Station predicts the distance their catapult will send sponge bombs and then they measure the actual distance traveled. (6)

Teach Preschool encourages the exploration of measuring tools.

At the Kids Activities Blog, the Quirky Kids learn how to measure using gummy worms.

Irresistible Ideas for play based learning finds that giving kids access to measuring tapes results in the measuring of many things.


Measure in the Kitchen

measure in the kitchen

Use a window crayon to mark the cups as you fill a pitcher with water to make watermelon iced tea – a delicious way to practice using a measuring cup shared by the Pleasantest Thing.

Learn with Play at Home shares a kid friendly recipe for zucchini slice. Practice using measuring cups and a tape measure to find your dish.

Get your toddlers in the kitchen early to practice the skill of pouring – a precursor to using measuring cups correctly. Love, Play, Learn shares a bread baking recipe.

Montessori Tidbits uses measuring cups to teach fractions.

Practice measuring and pouring with this yogurt muffin recipe from Red Ted Art.

Do a little kitchen chemistry and practice measuring.

Add measuring cups to your pretend play: with water play outside, with cornstarch & water, with oatmeal, etc.


Measure Using Non-Standard Units

non-standard units of measure

The Golden Gleam uses chestnuts to explore volume, area, and perimeter. (1)

Frugal Fun for Boys makes a hand measuring device to measure objects around the house.

NurtureStore has the idea to measure objects with Legos. (2)

Using The Foot Book as inspiration, Putti’s World measures feet with pennies.


What ways have you practiced measuring? 

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