Pom Pom Monsters

These pom pom monsters are a quick and easy craft perfect for Halloween or anytime you need to add some monsters to your day. The pom pom monsters are sure to inspire some pretend play. You can also use them in learning games (I’ll show you more about that another day.)

Pom Pom Monsters

Pom Pom Monsters

Our friends at  CraftProjectIdeas.com sent us another lovely box of craft supplies. A few of the supplies were just asking to be turned into monsters. Here’s what you’ll need.


  • pom poms (the larger ones make better monsters)
  • googly eyes (we had adhesive eyes with fun designs)
  • pipe cleaners
  • glue (optional)

monster materials

Using the adhesive eyes can make this a no glue project! Just peel the eyes of your choice off of the sheet and push them onto a pom pom. Easy!

Make your monsters as varied and as colorful as you like. Aiden had fun selecting the eyes and the pom pom colors.

monster pom poms

Attach pipe cleaners to your monsters. We had these cool twisted pipe cleaners. They are a bit thinner than regular pipe cleaners and not quite as fuzzy.

I wrapped the pipe cleaner around my finger to make a spring for the monster. I cut some of the pipe cleaners in half first.

We placed the monster pom pom in the top part of the spring (essentially wrapping the spring around the pom pom). You could glue the pipe cleaners on for a more permanent solution.

spring monster

Aiden liked taking the monsters on and off of their springs and bouncing them all over the place.

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