Painting Monsters: The End Result of Process Oriented Art

Do you ever set out random materials for you little ones to explore without having an end result in mind?

I do that quite often for Aiden.

I believe the process is more important than the product.

On this particular day, I set out a variety of brushes and sponges for Aiden. He enjoyed discovering each brush.

I have been collecting coffee creamer containers because I like the shape and figured I could eventually use them for a craft or activity.

I decided to paint them and roll them on paper.  Aiden liked this idea as well.

I thought the prints looked like a monsters so I added eyes, legs, and arms.

Aiden decorated his as well.

Then, he decided to use his fingers to paint another piece of paper.

I really enjoy process oriented activities.

Just set out a few things to use and see what happens.

You work on fine motor skills, creativity, decision making, and observation skills just to name a few!

What will your little ones create when the focus is the process not the product?

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