Owl Craft and Play Scenes {Virtual Book Club for Kids}

The Virtual Book Club for Kids is featuring books by Amy Krouse Rosenthal for the month of October. We enjoyed reading Little Pea, Little Oink, Spoon, and Yes Day!, but our favorite book was Little Hoot. We did a little owl craft and recreated scenes from the book.

Recreating Scenes from Little Hoot {Virtual Book Club for Kids}

Little Hoot

Little Hoot is a young owl who does not like bedtime. You see, owls have to stay up really late, but Little Hoot just wants to go to bed early like his friends. He spends the moments awaiting his bed time playing and asking his parents if he can go to bed yet. It is a really cute story that we’ve read again and again.

Owl Craft

owl craft kit from Michael's

I found this little owl craft kit at Michael’s. With a 50% off coupon, it cost around 70 cents. I couldn’t resist. Even if you don’t have the owl craft kit, you can make your own owl with the same materials. {Although the craft kit probably costs less than all of the individual pieces.} To make an owl, you’ll need a pom pom, some felt, and googly eyes.

owl craft kit pieces

The pom pom is for the owl’s body. Cut the owl’s head, background of eyes, beak, wings, and feet from felt. I hot glued all of the pieces together. {Aiden sat and watched.} After the owls were dry {the owl kit has enough materials for 4 owls}, we started playing.

owls from owl craft kit

Play Scenes from Little Hoot

Aiden chose some scenes from the book to recreate. While waiting for his bedtime Little Hoot has a ton of fun playing.

Little Hoot made a paper hat and used a stick for a sword.

Little Hoot playing swords

Little Hoot plays on a jungle gym. {The jungle gym is made from pipe cleaners/fuzzy sticks.}

Little Hoot on jungle gym

Little Hoot jumps in a pile of leaves.

Little Hoot playing in leaves

In the story, Little Hoot also builds a fort, jumps on his bed, and rides on his skate board. Aiden didn’t want to recreate those scenes. He wanted Little Hoot and the three other owls {mom, dad, and a friend} to play in the apples. They’ve also been seen climbing all over Lego towers and flying around the house.

owls in apples

Recreating scenes from books like Little Hoot is always tons of fun. The play scenes allow for a wonderful set to bring life to the story {and even add new chapters to the adventures}. Try making your own scenes and see imaginations go to work!

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