Outside Play: Games

Our Outside Play series continues this month with Games. What are your favorite games to play outside?

When I was a kid, my friends and I loved making up games. We’d grab some random equipment, make up some rules, and have fun. One of my favorites was hitting a tennis ball with a Frisbee – a fun game solo or with a group. I thought Aiden might enjoy making up a game as well, so I grabbed a few balls and a tennis racket for our outside game play.

Invent Your Own Game

Aiden immediately picked up the tennis racket and hit the big yellow ball. He chased down the ball and hit it again. As he ran all over the yard, he worked on gross motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Great fun!

You can add to this game by creating targets for the ball. Can you hit the ball between the cones? Can you land the ball in the circle?

Invent Your Own Game

On another day, Aiden chose to play with the soccer ball. You can’t get much simpler than this. Practice kicking the ball freely. Give targets for the soccer ball. Pass the ball. Kick the ball to the fence. Can you get the ball to go through the trees? Kick the ball around the cones.

Outside Play: Games

Outside Play: Games

This month’s co-hosts are JDaniel4′s MomTrain Up a Child, Kitchen Counter ChroniclesRainy Day Mum, Kindergarten & Preschool for Parents & Teachers, and Inspiration Laboratories.   Be sure to check out their fun ideas for playing outside with water.



Have fun playing games outside!

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