Outside Play: Apples

Our Outside Play series continues this month with Apples as the theme. Fall is nearly upon us and apple season has begun.

We have an apple tree in our front yard. Aiden has been waiting patiently for the apples to be ready to eat. We decided it was time to go see if any were ready.

apple tree

Aiden found a few he could reach and picked them.

picking apples

an apple

I grabbed a couple higher up. We got a plate, cutting board, and a knife and went around back to examine the apples.

apple investigation

The apples were damaged in various places. We wondered how far spread the damage was. Was the entire apple rotten, or was the damage just on the outside? We expected the apple on the right to have the most damage.

 The apple on the far left was actually the most damaged. The apple in the middle just had a small spot that could be easily cut off. Half of the apple on the far right was inedible. Now we tasted the apples to see if they were ripe. They were good. We will be visiting our apple tree again soon.

Outside Play: Apples
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You can link up your ideas for playing outside with apples, too! Have you taken a trip to an apple orchard? Have you played a game outside involving apples? Please grab a button and add it to your post or blog.


Have fun playing outside with apples!

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