Make Nature Potions with the New Nature Kindness Elves

Are you looking for fun activities that will keep kids busy this summer? How about adding in some kindness, too? Camp Kindness is the perfect solution! Check out how we made nature potions with the new nature lover Kindness Elves™. I’m an affiliate for the Kindness Elves. I was sent Camp Kindness along with the Kindness Elves to review. I get commissions for purchases made through links in this post.

Make Nature Potions with the Kindness Elves

The Kindness Elves

Have you heard about the Kindness Elves that Anna from The Imagination Tree created? They are all about teaching kids to share in the magic of kindness and develop empathy skills. Plus they are just sooo adorable! Anna sent us her newest Kindness Elves – the pink and green elves.

Pink and Green Kindness Elves


The pink elves are known as the wish maker elves. They love to create surprises and treasure hunts for others!

The green Kindness Elves are the nature lover elves. You’ll find them exploring outside or taking care of plants in the garden. They love the environment and care for animals and plants!

Click here to buy the Kindness Elves. They come in several other colors, too! Each set comes with two hand-made Kindness Elves and the Kindness Elves House, beautifully crafted with a fully decorated interior and a working mail box for sending and receiving Elf Mail!

Camp Kindness

Camp Kindness kindness themed fun filled activity planner

You’ll want to get Camp Kindness for a magical elf-filled summer packed with plenty of outdoor activities, crafts, and play ideas. The ebook has 6 weeks of plans. It also contains a suggestion for an act of kindness to do together each day. That is 30 activities or crafts as well as 30 acts of kindness, 5 each for every week. This would be great for the rest of the summer or you could use the activities throughout the year.

Camp Kindness kindness themed fun filled activity planner

Each week focuses on one group of Kindness Elves – the story tellers, the potion mixers, the nature lovers, the artists, the wish makers, and the recipe makers. The activities follow the week’s theme based on the elves personalities. So fun! We have loved getting to know the elves and doing activities from the ebook.

Camp Kindness kindness themed fun filled activity planner


  • 6 themed weeks of activities, crafts and acts of kindness ideas carefully organized week by week in an activity planner, with photos, lists, and helpful how-to guides. These are all color coded to help keep them super easy to find and follow.
  • 30 ice cream shaped Activity Cards, 5 per week, ready to print, cut and set out with your Kindness Elves each day
  • 30 heart shaped Acts of Kindness cards, 5 per week, ready to print, cut out and set out with your Kindness Elves each day
  • Printable labels, games, scavenger hunt sheet, stationery set and Camp Kindness certificate to print and use alongside the activities

Click here to buy the Camp Kindness ebook. Right now get it for the introductory price of $7.49 USD. Regular price: $13.49 USD.

Make Nature Potions

This activity was inspired by Week 2 of Camp Kindness with the potion mixer elves. The activity idea from the book is to make herb and petal perfumes. That’s just what we did! Instead of calling them perfumes, we called them nature potions. We figured the potion mixer elves and the nature elves would both approve.

Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • Bowls, jars, or containers (we used test tubes and sprinkles containers)
  • Flowers
  • Herbs
  • Leaves
  • Water

With a parent’s permission, gather some herbs from the garden. We used mint, purple basil, thyme, and oregano. Choose some flowers as well. We selected wildflowers from our butterfly garden. Dandelions, clovers, and other flowers or leaves from the yard would work equally as well. Safety note: only select plants that you know are safe for children to touch. If you have a child who may taste the mixtures or plants, choose only edible plants.

Pour water into the containers and add a variety of herbs and flowers.

How do different combinations change the color of the water? How do the smells differ? Which combination is your favorite?

We have done this activity twice now. The first time we brought the herbs and flowers inside. The second time we created the nature potions at the water table outside. Watch our Facebook video to see how we played!

Get the Camp Kindness ebook for more great activities!

Camp Kindness kindness themed fun filled activity planner

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