Name Practice Letter Hunt

This name practice letter hunt is a fun way to practice spelling your child’s name or other letters and words.

Name Practice Letter Hunt

Name Practice Letter Hunt


  • magnetic letters
  • bin/box
  • tweezers
  • dump truck
  • magnet board

How to Play:

  1. Place some magnetic letters in a bin. I selected the magnetic letters for Aiden’s name. They were blue, yellow, and orange. I left only red, green, and purple magnet letters for the letters that weren’t in his name. I did this to make it a little easier for him to find the letters in his name. In hind sight, he probably didn’t need that added step. He was great at spotting the letters no matter the color.
    Name Practice Letter Hunt
  2. Place the dump truck and tweezers next to the bin.
  3. Have your child pick up the first letter in his name with the tweezers and drop it in the dump truck.
    Name Practice Letter Hunt
  4. Drive the dump truck over to the magnet board {our board was on the other side of the room}.
    Name Practice Letter Hunt
  5. Place the magnet letter on the board. If your child needs help spelling her name, you can write her name on the board. She can look at the board to know what letter to hunt for next.

After Aiden spelled his name, he wanted to hunt for all of the letters in the alphabet in the same way. He picked a letter with the tweezers, placed it in the dump truck, drove it over to the magnet board, and added it to the board. This was a fun way for him to practice the order of letters.

You could also practice letter sounds like we’ve done in our letter sounds race. Tell your child the sound of the letter to find in the bin. Or work on spelling new words. Write a word on the board and find the letters in the bin.

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