Make a Race Track with Legos

My son loves to build things with blocks, Legos, boxes, and anything else you can pile one on top of another. Currently, his Duplo Legos and his Mega Blocks are at the top of his daily play list. Blocks (whatever the kind) are a wonderful avenue for the imagination and pretend play. One of Aiden’s recent  discoveries: how to make a race track with Legos (and any other blocks you happen to have).

Make a Race Track with Legos

How to Make a Race Track with Legos

  1. Gather all of your Legos and blocks. Also gather some cars.
  2. Line up your Legos and blocks one after the other. There is no need to connect the blocks unless you want your track to have the same height.
  3. Continue to line up your blocks forming your race track into the shape you desire. {Aiden chose a rectangle and a super long line.}
  4. Race the cars around the track adding sound effects as needed. {Aiden had the cars saying “ouch” a lot since the track was so bumpy.}

Simple instructions {as if you really needed any}. Endless fun.

Make a Race Track with Legos
A car can race anywhere. Why not on top of blocks?
The giraffe wants to play.

This idea would be especially great for toddlers who get frustrated when their blocks don’t stay together like they planned. Aiden loves to build towers, but he doesn’t always make the best bases. The towers are precariously balanced and fall over quite often. Building with blocks along the floor helps to lessen the frustration of tumbling towers.

How about one line of blocks across the whole floor?

What Else Can A Rectangle Be Used for in Pretend Play?

rectangle from Legos

If you didn’t know these blocks were a race track, what pretend play would you think they were being used for? The possibilities could be endless.

  • Add some animals, and create a zoo.
  • Rectangles could also be used as a garage for the cars.
  • Add some props to create a miniature playground. The rectangle can be the walls.
  • Could the rectangle be a swimming pool? What props would help make that a reality?
  • Pretend the rectangle is a house. Grab some pretend furniture and friends to play inside.

What other ideas do you have?

What play does a rectangle inspire?

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