Learn Colors – Make a Rainbow

Aiden loves to drag all of his toys into the living room.  I thought it would be fun to sort the toys by color and make a rainbow out of them. This was a great way to learn learn colors.

Learn colors by Making a Rainbow

Learn Colors by Making a Rainbow with Toys

I cut different colors of cardstock and wrote the name of the color on each paper.  Aiden would say the letter names as I wrote them.

I lined up the colors on the floor.  I asked Aiden each of the names of the colors.  {We practiced a few times.}  He liked picking up the cards and handing them to me.  {He also liked stepping all over the cards.}

Then, Aiden would go grab a handful of toys from his room.  We sorted the toys by color.  I held up a toy and asked Aiden the color.  He said the name of the color {I corrected him if needed}.  I handed the toy to Aiden and asked him to place it next to the other toys of that color.  He threw the toy onto the floor.  {He never did get that part right.}  I moved the toy to the correct row.  In the end, we had a cool rainbow of toys.

Aiden then had to walk through all of the toys messing up the nice neat lines.  I think he enjoyed this part the most!

Aiden didn’t know his colors very well before this color practice activity. After the activity, he knew his colors very well.

What fun ways do you learn colors?

More Fun with Rainbows

Aiden loves books that have rainbows.  To go along with the rainbow fun, we read a couple of his favorites:

Try making a real rainbow with supplies from your home.

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This post was first published on December 14, 2011. Aiden was 2 years old.


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