Easy Kid-Made Puzzles

I love sharing ideas that my son has. His latest creation is a quick and easy kid-made puzzle. It’s great for working those fine motor and scissors skills.

Kid-Made Puzzles

Easy Kid-Made Puzzle

Aiden loves to use scissors and cut paper. He has recently been using my scrapbooking scissors or as he likes to call them – fancy scissors. He created a puzzle by stapling paper together and then using the scrapbook scissors to cut the paper into thirds. “Look, Mom. It’s a puzzle!”

You can make these puzzles with your kids, too.

You’ll Need:

  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • Stapler (optional)
  • Marker (optional)

Use scissors (“fancy” craft scissors if you have them) to cut the paper. Do be careful with the scissors. Always supervise children while they are using them and teach them how to use them properly.

Kid-Made Puzzles

Aiden likes to staple two different colors of construction paper together before cutting. It’s green on one side.


And orange on the other. Using the stapler adds in some extra fine motor skills work.


And sometimes he cuts the edges of the puzzle, too.

Kid-Made Puzzles

If you don’t have craft scissors, you can make cuts using regular scissors. Draw lines for your child. (Or she can draw the lines.)

Kid-Made Puzzles

Then, cut on the lines to create the puzzle.

Kid-Made Puzzles

Super simple. My 5 year old thinks they are the coolest things.

For an added challenge, stack several puzzles and then put them together.

Kid-Made Puzzles


  • Have your child draw a picture on the paper before cutting.
  • Create a puzzle from a coloring page.
  • Make the puzzle from a photo or page from a magazine.

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