30 Ideas to Practice Classification for Kids

As I have talked about before classification is an important science skill. Classifying is organizing things into groups – sorting if you will. There are lots of ways to practice classification and sorting skills with kids. Explore the links below and gather some new ideas. You’ll find ideas for sorting by color, shape, size, and other similarities.

30 Ideas for Practicing Classification & Sorting for Kids

C is for Classification – part of the A to Z Science series for toddlers and preschoolers. This post has information on the importance of classification and talks about how to set up an invitation to sort with objects around the house.

invitation to sort


Color Sorting

color sorting

Sort objects based on color. Use a variety of objects and/or containers.

Color Practice – Making a Rainbow – sort toys by color to make a room size rainbow (1)

Button Sorting {Creative Playhouse} (6)

Button Sorting {Here Come the Girls guest post at JDaniel4’s Mom}

Color sorting with different containers – several examples plus more links at the bottom {Teach Preschool}

Sorting bugs onto color cards {Teach Preschool} (3)

Sorting blocks by color {Glittering Muffins}

Sorting fruit loops by color for art {Here Come the Girls} (2)

Color matching with pom poms and cardboard chutes {The Good Long Road} (5)

Sorting pom poms into a pocket lounge mat {Glittering Muffins}

Sorting pom poms – also talks about the math connection to sorting objects {Mommy with Selective Memory}

Sorting foam blocks by color {Mama Smiles}

Fine Motor Sorting with pom poms {We Can Do All Things}

Make a flower color wheel {The Golden Gleam} (4)


Sorting Like Objects

sorting practice

Choose similar characteristics to classify objects – shape, size, type, etc.

Sorting finds from a nature hike {Teach Preschool}

Sorting Leaves and Seeds – also talks about pre-sorting skills (1)

Sorting leaves into a book matching green leaves with fallen leaves {Blog Me Mom} (7)

Sorting letters – fat vs. thin {Playdough to Plato} (6)

Sorting letters and name practice {3 Dinosaurs} (4)

Shape sorting {hands on: as we grow}

Sorting beads by shape and color {Mama Miss}

Sorting buttons by shape and color {3 Dinosaurs} (5)

Sorting everyday objects {NurtureStore} (2)

Sorting Change {Mama Smiles}

Sorting candy {JDaniel4’s Mom}

Seed sorting {Toddler Approved}

Sorting games and example objects {NurtureStore}

Sorting animals – carnivore vs. herbivore {The Golden Gleam} (3)

Number Sorting {The Imagination Tree}


Other Sorting Roundups

Collection of Sorting Ideas – sort by color, shape, size, and type {PreKinders}

9 Sorting Activities from No Time for Flashcards – my favorite is the Habitat Sorting activity.


What ways do you practice classification and sorting with your kids? Please share your ideas in the comments.

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