Hot Cocoa Science

Our countdown to Christmas comes to an end on the 24th day of Advent. I’ve enjoyed sharing Christmas science ideas with you each day. Today’s activity is Hot Cocoa Science

Christmas Science Advent Calendar

Hot Cocoa Science 

Christmas Eve requires hot cocoa and new pajamas.  Today’s activity adds some science into the hot cocoa making and drinking. Practice observation skills, measuring, making predictions, and investigating.

Hot Cocoa Science - Day 24 of our Christmas Science Advent Calendar

First, we looked at the ingredients in hot cocoa:

  • cocoa
  • sugar
  • water
  • milk
  • vanilla

We smelled the ingredients and talked about which were solids and which were liquids {reinforcing our discussion from our Christmas Mixtures activity}.

Aiden measured out the ingredients and placed them in the pot. I turned on the heat and stirred. {You may be comfortable helping an older child do this step.}

I had 4 additions for our hot cocoa: mini marshmallows, mini M&Ms, mini candy canes and orange slices. What would happen if we added these things to our hot cocoa? Would they sink or float? Would they dissolve, melt, or stay the same?

Hot Cocoa Science - Day 24 of our Christmas Science Advent Calendar

We conducted our hot cocoa investigation and enjoyed our results. I’ll let you and your children discover what happens for this one.

The candies that float are less dense than the hot cocoa. The candies that sink are more dense. {Learn more about density here.} Some of the candies melted from the heat of the hot cocoa. Some of the candies dissolved in the liquid. {See our candy cane science experiment for more info.}

We hope you have a Merry Christmas!

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