F is for Forest

The letter F is up next in the A to Z Science series for toddlers and preschoolers here at Inspiration Laboratories. My husband and I love to share forest lessons with our son. That’s why F is for Forest.

F is for Forest Lessons

Forest Lessons

When the weather is nice, we spend as much time in the woods as possible. Patrick and I have always loved hiking. After Aiden was born, we continued to hike. I carried him in a wrap and hiked a little slower than before. Aiden loved hiking in the forest even then.

Once he was able to walk on his own, we would take shorter hikes just for him to explore. Patrick began teaching him all about the forest around us. Aiden was constantly asking, “What’s this?” as we walked. He wanted to know the name for everything.

Forest Lessons: observing the creek

Aiden knows the difference between lichen and moss. He recognizes a few species of birds. He even knows certain types of trees and insects. None of this was taught on just one day. Every time we go into the forest, we point out the same things or ask Aiden what he sees.

Look up at the trees. What do you see?

Forest Lessons: Look Up

 Take the time to climb a tree {even if it’s barely off the ground}.

Forest Lessons: climb a tree

Pick up nature objects that are safe to touch. Learn about the things that are not so safe.

Forest Lessons: pine needles

Learn the names of things around you. In this video, Aiden tells you the name of the tree that pine needles come from. {We’ll eventually teach him the real name.}

Examples of Learning in the Forest

The following are previous posts I’ve written about our adventures on the edges of the forest. When you don’t have time for trip to a large forest considering searching for nature in your backyard or a local park.

a nature walk with daddy Go on a simple nature walk around your neighborhood. Talk about all you see.
animal homes Search for animal homes while walking through the forest. Can you find animals living in the trees or on the ground? Do you see evidence of nests or burrows? What about tracks?
Making Letters with Nature Make Letters with Nature – Use the sticks, leaves, and other treasures you find on the ground for a fun way to practice letters.
Collecting Leaves: a Preschool Learning Experience In this post, I talk about exploring a patch of trees – the edge of a forest – near our house. A simple trip to collect leaves turned into a learning adventure of its own.
After we collected the leaves and seeds, we sorted them by their characteristics.
On the Trail: Observing Flowers & Insects
You don’t have to go deep into the forest to work on science skills. There is plenty to see on a trail. On this day, we focused on observing the flowers and insects. We also took time to hang out as a family.


What are your favorite forest lessons?

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