Egg Rolling Baby Game

Explore ramps in this egg rolling game for baby. It’s great for babies who can stand on their own. Use a shorter ramp and even babies who can sit up with assistance (sit on your lap) can play, too.

Babies and toddlers will love this game! Learn about cause and effect and explore ramps with egg rolling.

Egg Rolling Baby Game

For this game, you’ll need a ramp and some large plastic eggs. We make ramps out of lots of materials – cardboard boxes, plastic bins, paper, train tracks, and markerboard. For baby Lily, I wanted a ramp that was strong enough to hold her up. We made a cool ramp out of cardboard when we looked at kinetic energy. Lily would probably break that ramp and try to eat the paper. This time I went with two plastic bins.

egg rolling ramp

Place an egg at the top of the ramp and watch it roll down.

egg rolling ramp

Aiden wanted to play with his baby sister, too. He placed two eggs on the ramp to test which would reach the bottom first.

2 eggs on ramp

Lily watched the eggs roll down the ramp and eventually got in on the action.

egg rolling ramp

She reached for the eggs as they rolled down the ramp.

egg rolling ramp

She caught one.

grab the egg

Lily took a turn at dropping an egg down the ramp, too. She dropped it from way above the ramp. Aiden and I placed the eggs on the ramp and then let them roll down. It’s fun to compare how the egg behaves when released from different locations.

drop egg

And of course she had to explore the eggs more closely with her hands and mouth. (This is why I used the large plastic eggs.)

exploring egg

This is such a simple exploration for babies and toddlers. Talk to your child about what is happening as the egg rolls down the ramp. Can you catch the egg? Drop the egg from different heights or start it on different parts of the ramp. Kids are learning about cause and effect and how ramps work.

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