Easy Small World Setups and 150+ Screen-Free Activities for Kids

I am excited to share with you a new book from Asia Citro – author of Fun at Home with Kids. Asia sent us 150+ Screen-Free Activities for Kids to review. It is amazing! There are so many great recipes for play – slimes, doughs, paints, sensory activities, and DIY toys. My favorite section of the book is the easy small world setups – there are 17 ideas just to get you started. The variations are endless. Amazon affiliate links are included in this post.

Easy small world setups inspired by 150+ Screen-Free Activities for Kids

150+ Screen-Free Activities for Kids – The Book!

150+ Screen-Free Activities for Kids: The Very Best and Easiest Playtime Activities from FunAtHomeWithKids.com! Just take a look at the preview for the book on Amazon. It includes how to get started with the book and several example activities. The photos in the book are gorgeous. My son {age 5} went through the book and bookmarked every activity he wanted to try. There are a lot of bookmarks. The Frog World and Soap Foam topped his list, so that’s where we started.

Check out the 150+ Screen-Free Activities for Kids Book Trailer to see more examples of what’s in the book.

Easy Small World Setups

I love how Asia has made small worlds easy to set up. With just a handful of materials {most of which you already have}, you can create a wide variety of small world scenes that are perfect for encouraging pretend play. Aiden was attracted to the frog world. A small picture of it is on the cover of the book. Doesn’t it look enticing? Frogs + lily pads + water = fun!

I fell in love with the use of pebbles and glass gems in the small worlds. They add so much to the story but are so simple {and inexpensive}. Aiden took the pebbles, glass gems, and some animals and trees. Here is what he created.

duck and goose small world

There’s a rocky shore with some water. Duck and Goose can spend much time playing here.

Aiden wanted to add water to the bin and create a home for his ocean animals. The sea otter lives in a kelp forest, so naturally I made a kelp forest and rocky shore small world {yes, the oceanography teacher is coming out}.

rocky shore small world3

The walrus and sea lion love to hang out on the rocky shore.

rocky shore small world

The baby sea turtle, dolphin, and orca could easily be found near shore in the kelp forest.

rocky shore small world

Speaking of the kelp. It’s just green foam cut out to look like kelp attached to rocks {just like real kelp}.

rocky shore small world and kelp forest

The other animals were added thanks to Aiden’s imagination. Duck and Goose made an appearance, too.

Rocky Shore Small World

What’s next on our list? The erupting volcano dinosaur world. Check out a sneak peek from the book.

erupting volcano dino world

Set up a simple small world for your children. What kind of stories will they tell? Be sure to check out 150+ Screen-Free Activities for Kids for more great ideas!


Disclosure: I was provided a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review. See disclosure policy for more info.

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