Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt with Picture Clues

We’ve done a picture clue scavenger hunt in the past. It was so much fun we wanted to do it again. This Easter egg scavenger hunt has picture clues with words below. The pictures are perfect for toddlers and the words help beginning readers. How awesome!

Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt with Picture Clues

Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt with Picture Clues

You can set this activity up for your children or you can have them create the clues. We used cookie cutters as stencils. I love how they allow kids of all ages to draw. You might need to help younger kids hold down the cookie cutters.

Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt with Picture Clues

Plan out the objects you want to use in your scavenger hunt and then find cookie cutters to match. (You can also choose the cookie cutters you want first, but it might take a while to think of an object to match.)

We used 7 eggs containing 6 picture clues corresponding to 6 objects. The first egg was just given to the person to start the scavenger hunt. The last egg held the prize (no clue). Our prize was stickers.

I had the kids create a key for their scavenger hunt. They numbered their eggs 1-6 and wrote the numbers on a piece of paper. Next to the number they put what was in the egg. Start with egg #1. Egg #1 has the location for egg #2. Hide egg #2 there. This leads to egg #3’s location and so on.

Aiden made a scavenger hunt for his friend. He drew clues such as the letter A (find the magnet A on the easel), a ball, and peas and carrots.

Clue leads to peas and carrots

Then, he used cookie cutters to trace a cowboy hat, a dinosaur, and a plane.

Aiden’s friend used a combination of cookies cutters and hand drawings as well. Here’s her fish clue.

fish clue

It leads to a puzzle. How clever!

fish puzzle

I created a scavenger hunt for the two of them to complete together. I used cookie cutters for all 6 of my clues – a bear, a truck, a duck, a star, a bunny, and an egg.

duck clue

The duck clue lead to a cute little rubber ducky.

duck and egg

The bear and bunny were stuffed animals. The bunny is from our Goodnight Moon storytelling basket and I Spy Game.

bunny and egg

The truck was a big toy truck.

truck and egg

The star clue lead to Aiden’s glow in the dark stars which were in a container with rocks. He likes to use these for sensory bins. He had to think about where we keep the stars for a second. The egg clue was the trickiest. They immediately looked in the container full of plastic Easter eggs. Then they looked at the spiderweb Easter eggs we made. Nope. Where else could eggs be? Real eggs are in the refrigerator they said. Not quite. Where else? Pretend eggs are in the play kitchen! They found their sticker prize next to the pretend egg in the play kitchen’s refrigerator.

What picture clues would your child create?

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