Easter Egg Reading Game

This Easter egg reading game is a fun way to practice reading skills. We used it to practice reading and spelling animal words. Place pictures inside the eggs and you could practice any words you like. Affiliate links are included in this post.

Easter egg reading games

Easter Egg Reading Game

We like using Bananagrams letter tiles in our alphabet and reading games. These are perfect for adding to the plastic eggs. You could also use Scrabble tiles, magnet letters, puzzle letters, or any other small letters.

Aiden practiced reading a few animal words in our Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt with Picture Clues. I used these words (bunny, fish, and duck) again in our reading game to reinforce the words. I also used more familiar animal words (cat, dog, and pig). After creating the game for Aiden and his friend, I remembered JDaniel4’s Mom practiced sight words by unscrambling egg letters. Aiden’s first grader friend enjoyed playing that game.

Aiden (age 5) is still a beginning reader so I set up his game with some help.

Here’s what you’ll need:

The Set Up

Place each animal in a plastic egg along with letters to spell its name. Create a word list of all of the animal names.

egg reading game

How to Play

Open an egg and find the animal inside. Spell the name of the animal using the letters found inside the egg. If you need help, find the name of the animal on the word list.

Aiden’s friend liked playing this game but thought the words were too easy. Aiden also liked playing the game, and it was perfect for his reading ability. He opened up the cat egg first.


He didn’t need the word list to spell cat. (We have done lots of practice with -at words. It all started with our Broom Race to Learn -at Words.)


He also didn’t need help with pig. We had fun learning -ig words in our Raining Hearts Word Game.


Once he got to fish, he sounded out the word and found the letter f to start the word. Then, he looked at the word list for a word that started with f. Aiden copied what he saw on paper with the letter tiles.


He did the same with dog, duck, and bunny.


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Each of these activities uses plastic Easter eggs to practice reading or spelling skills in unique ways.

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Use plastic Easter eggs in these fun science activities for kids.

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