Easter Egg Math with a Hundred Chart

These Easter egg math games uses a hundred chart to practice number recognition, counting, addition, and more. It’s a fun way to use your plastic Easter eggs. You can also create Easter egg hundred chart mystery pictures.

Play fun Easter egg math games with a hundred chart. Practice number recognition, counting, using a hundred chart, and reveal mystery pictures.

Easter Egg Math with a Hundred Chart

What You’ll Need:

Print 2 copies of a hundred chart. You can print out a hundred chart that goes from 1-100 or 1-120.

Cut out the numbers from one of the hundred charts. Your child can help with this step.

Place the cut out numbers into your plastic Easter eggs. Divide them up somewhat equally, but it doesn’t have to be perfect. Use however many eggs you have available.

Play fun Easter egg math games with a hundred chart. Practice number recognition, counting, using a hundred chart, and reveal mystery pictures.

Have your child break open an egg. What numbers are inside? Have him choose a number, say it aloud, and find it out the hundred chart. You have a few options for what to do next. You can have your child color the square of the number found, you can have him draw an Easter egg on top of the number on the hundred chart, or you can place some sort of math counter on top of the number (small erasers or beans work well for this). I suggested drawing Easter eggs on top of the numbers to Aiden (age 6). His idea was to color in the entire square instead. I think using Easter egg shaped erasers would be super fun for this as well.

Color the hundred chart based on the numbers found inside the Easter eggs.

Keep cracking open eggs and finding numbers. This will probably take a while. My son did the activity over the course of the afternoon. He even had it next to him during dinner. He’s asked to do it again with another blank hundred chart.

More Ways to Play with the Hundred Chart

The idea above is a simple way to get familiar with the hundred chart and to practice number recognition. You can also use the Easter egg numbers and hundred chart in a few other ways. Try these:

  • After choosing a number from the Easter egg, roll dice. Add (or subtract) the number rolled to the chosen number. Example: if you chose 22 from the Easter egg and rolled 11, you would add 22 + 11. Have your child find 22 on the hundred chart and count on from there 11 more spaces. He can then color in (or mark) the number 33.
  • Place math facts or equations to solve inside the Easter eggs. Use the hundred chart to help find the answer.
  • Download a hundred chart mystery picture. Cut up the answer key with the colored numbers. Place those numbers inside the eggs. Have your child color the hundred chart the same color as the numbers found inside the eggs. When finished, they’ll have revealed a secret picture. Here are two Easter egg hundred chart mystery pictures I made. You are welcome to download them for your personal or classroom use. Download the Rainbow Easter egg hundred chart or the Easter egg hundred chart. You’ll use the blank hundred chart 1-120 with these.
    rainbow egg hundred chart mystery pictureEaster egg hundred chart mystery picture
  • Add an element of technology to the game by coloring this interactive hundred chart online.
  • Learn more about using a hundred chart for math learning from Creative Family Fun. Terri has a great series on math homework with helpful tips about things like the hundred charts, number lines, skip counting, and more!

More Easter Egg Math Games

  • Play a simple Easter egg counting game that practices fine motor skills, too. My toddler and kindergarten both loved this one.
  • Try this launching Easter eggs experiment to practice counting, measuring, and more. What could be more fun than eggs flying through the air?
  • Graph the contents of your Easter eggs with this fun Easter activity using beads and pipe cleaners.

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