Easter Egg Hunt Map Reading

Easter egg hunts are always a highlight of Easter for kids. Add in some map reading to sneak in a little learning.

Easter Egg Hunt Map Reading

Easter Egg Hunt Map Reading

I did this activity with Aiden last Easter. He loved it so much I thought we should do it again this year. And he enjoyed it again. Last year I added chocolate to the hidden eggs. This made him want to find the hidden eggs all the more. Even after all the chocolate was eaten, he continued to hide the eggs and find them.

This treasure hunt activity can really be done any time of year – inside or outside. You can see how we practiced our map reading skills at the playground over at the Kids Activities Blog last fall.

I drew a map of part of our house {where I planned on hiding the eggs}. The map included main features in the rooms in simple squares and rectangles.

I labeled the features to practice word recognition and pre-reading skills.

I hid eggs around the room. Then, I marked their locations on the map with a star sticker. Last Easter, I used egg stickers. When we did the activity outside, I simply drew an X on each location {because X marks the spot of course}.

Easter Egg Hunt Map

Next, I showed the map to Aiden. I told him that I hid Easter eggs and it was his job to find them using the map. The stars on the map matched up with the locations of the eggs. {He requested soccer ball Easter eggs this year, so that’s what we used.}

I asked him which one he wanted to find first. He pointed to one at the top. I asked him what letters he saw above that star. He said, “T and V.” That’s right, the TV. Can you find an egg near the TV? He ran over and found the egg.

He pointed to a new star. I read the word closest to it, and he head over again. We continued this until he found all the eggs.

Easter Egg Hunt

Then, it was my turn to do the Easter egg hunt. He hid the eggs. As I found the eggs, I had him help me place stars in their locations on the map.

Easter Egg Hunt Map

He continued hiding eggs and we continued searching for them for quite a while.

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