Easter Activities: Egg Graphing, Letters, Fine Motor Practice…

Are you searching for fun Easter activities? I have a great one to share. Use plastic Easter eggs to graph letters in this activity. There’s lots of fine motor practice, too.

Easter Activities: Easter Egg Graphing with Letters

Easter Activities: Egg Graphing

Supplies You’ll Need:

  • plastic Easter eggs of various colors
  • letter beads
  • pipe cleaners in colors to match the Easter eggs

How to Play:

Easter Activities: Easter Egg Graphing with Letters

Gather up  different colored plastic Easter eggs. I used seven colors total. Select one pipe cleaner to match each one of the Easter eggs. Fill the Easter eggs with random amounts of letter beads. I used wooden colored beads {because that’s what Aiden chose at the store}, but there are several options out there.

Place the Easter Eggs and pipe cleaners before your child. Allow him to open the eggs and discover what’s inside. {Be mindful that the beads are small and should be used only under supervision. A child who still puts things in her mouth isn’t ready for this activity.}

Easter Activities: Easter Egg Graphing with Letters

At this point, I asked Aiden if he knew what to do. He said, “slide the beads down?” He is very familiar with beads and pipe cleaners ever since our simple heart craft. I told him to choose the pipe cleaner that is the same color as the egg. Then he added the beads. As he added the beads, we talked about the letters that were on them. What letter is this? An E. You could also work on colors. Once all of the beads from the egg were on the pipe cleaner, we counted them.

Continue choosing eggs and pipe cleaners to match. Add beads. Count.

When you are finished, line up the pipecleaners next to one another. Make sure the beads are all lined up. You have just created a graph! {Questions to ask older kids: Can you label the axes of your graph? Can you add a title?}

Easter Activities: Easter Egg Graphing with Letters

Take it a Step Further

  • Work on sorting skills: have your child sort the letter beads by color into the Easter eggs before you begin the activity. {I had no orange beads. Otherwise, we might have tried this.}
  • Work on letter sounds. As your child adds beads, have her say the sound the letter makes.
  • Create words with the letters. Fill each Easter egg with letters that make certain words. Ask your child what words he can make with the letters in the egg.

More Ideas for Learning Letters

For even more fun with letters, try one of these ideas!

  • Practice letter recognition and letter sounds with a letter sounds race that is sure to get kids moving.
  • Make letters with objects in nature.
  • Use a train set to help practice letters.

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