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Dump Truck Counting Game

 Posted by on March 21, 2012
Mar 212012

How many dominoes can the dump truck hold? Find out in this counting game and physics investigation created by Aiden {my 2 year old}.  All you need is a dump truck and some dominoes (or other objects to count).

Dump Truck Counting Game

Dump Truck Counting Game

Fill the dump truck with dominoes counting each one as you go.


How many dominoes will fit before the dump truck empties its load?


It really depends on how you place the dominoes.  If we balanced it just right, we could stack the dominoes pretty high.  It we just tossed the dominoes in, the dump truck emptied a lot sooner.


This game incorporates counting pretty easily, but you could also discuss the physics behind what is happening.

Questions to ask:

  • Make a prediction: how many dominoes will fit before the truck tips over?
  • Do you think the number of dominoes the dump truck can hold will be the same each time?  Why or why not?
  • Why does the number of dominoes the truck can hold change?  What causes the change in number?  What makes the difference?
  • Why does the dump truck empty the dominoes?  Why does the dump truck bed tip over?  Why do the dominoes fall out?

This simple exploration will get your little ones to start thinking about the physics in the world around them.  Practicing science skills when young helps establish a foundation for future science learning.  Observe and experience the world around you – that’s what science is all about!

What science skills have you practiced lately?

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  8 Responses to “Dump Truck Counting Game”

  1. I love kid-created games like this! Great dominoes, too!

  2. What a great way to work on counting! I love your questions!

  3. that’s so cute! we have that same dumptruck! i love using items that Bear is already interested in! great child-led activity!

  4. Found you from your linky post at Science Sparks. I’m loving your activities here. Using the moment, then being ready with GREAT questions. This is exactly what we need to foster in our children. Getting them to think, and answer questions, not trying to “get the right answer” but to test the idea and see what happens! Great post! :D

  5. I love this! The kid-created activities are always the best! Thanks so much for sharing. It’s hard to find others blogging about Toddler Maths. I’ve added it to my Pinterest board on number activities to share with my readers.

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