DIY Planets Board Game

This planets board game is a fun way to learn and practice facts about the planets in our solar system!

DIY Planets Board Game - what a fun way to learn about the solar system!

Planets Board Game Setup

I downloaded a solar system printable from 3 Boys and a Dog. The planets are drawn to scale. This makes it neat to visualize the size differences.

Next, we colored the planets. We used pictures from NASA as a guide.

I created a board game with facts about each of the planets on a giant white board {tile board from the hardware store}. You can download the facts on these Planet Cards. Cut them apart and use them in the game or write the facts onto your own board. Your board should have at least 15 spaces on it {one for each question}. Add more as you see fit. Add “draw a question” spaces to your board if you don’t write the questions directly on the board.

You’ll also need some dice or a coin to flip {heads=move 1 space; tails=move 2 spaces} and something to use as game pieces {coins, pom poms, etc.}

Play the Planets Board Game

Place the colored planets around your board game. We placed them in order. You could also use the planets as your playing pieces.

Planets Game

Roll a die or flip a coin. I like the idea of flipping a coin because you are likely to land on more questions. If your coin lands on heads, move 1 space. If your coin lands on tails, move 2 spaces.

Planets Game

The goal of the game is to race around the Sun answering questions about the planets. How many questions can you get correct?

Download the Planet Cards and the Planet Cards answers.

{Affiliate link ahead.} A good book to read before playing this game is Going Around the Sun: Some Planetary Fun by Marianne Berkes.

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This post was originally published on July 12, 2014.

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