Dinosaur Alphabet Mazes

Calling all dinosaur fans! You’re going to love these dinosaur alphabet mazes I’m sharing over on the Learning Resources blog. They sent us the dinosaur toys featured in the post.

Dinosaur Alphabet Mazes with play ideas for outdoors and inside.

Dinosaur Alphabet Mazes

I’m sharing a few different ways to use the dinosaurs to practice letters and letter sounds. Some of the ways involve heading outside. We took our dinosaurs to a local park in between days of rain. It had rained so much the rivers and creeks in the area were flooding. My husband and son were actually off school for 4 or 5 days because of the flooding. My birthday was the only warm, sunny day that entire week! We took advantage of the beautiful weather and spent the afternoon at the park. Bringing the dinosaurs along was the perfect way to extend the time we were there.

Take the dinosaurs outside for a fun way to practice learning the alphabet.

We used chalk to create our alphabet mazes. Lily loved playing games with the dinosaurs. Aiden had fun creating his own alphabet mazes, too. Read all about the games we played with the dinosaur alphabet mazes over on the Learning Resources blog.

Learning Resources also sent us a tub of little dinosaurs. We used them for some indoor play with paper mazes. You can see more about that on the Learning Resources blog, too!

Practice the alphabet with these fun dinosaur alphabet maze play ideas.

What do you think? Will your kids love these dinosaur maze ideas as much as mine do?

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