Conversation Hearts Valentine Activities for Kids

Conversation hearts are everywhere this time of year. Why not use them in Valentine activities for kids? We’re sharing 3 ideas today in a live Hangout on Google+.

 Valentine Activities for Kids Conversation Hearts

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Today I’m joining with Jamie Reimer from hands on: as we grow and Maggy Woodley from Red Ted Art. We will be sharing 3 conversation heart valentine activities. Jamie will be sharing a hands-on activity, Maggy will be sharing a cute craft, and I will be sharing a fun science idea. We’ll be live at 2:30 pm CST. RSVP to the Valentine’s Day for Kids: Conversation Hearts event and you’ll get a reminder before it starts on Google+.

Conversation Hearts HOA

I will also add the video here. You will be able to watch it live or come back to this post and see it later.


Science Ideas with Conversation Hearts

Last week I shared 4 science ideas for candy conversation hearts.

Candy Science Experiment We designed an experiment for testing how fast candy hearts dissolve in different temperatures of water. I included a printable data sheet just for you. You could also change the experiment and test different solvents {types of liquids} or use a different number of candy hearts. Would the candy hearts dissolve faster in vinegar? Would using 2 candy hearts change the amount of time they took to dissolve?
valentine candy science At the request of my son, we next tried adding the candy hearts to baking soda and vinegar. We found out that the candy hearts react with baking soda.
Candy Heart Ingredients Experiment In this experiment, we tested which ingredient(s) reacted with the baking soda.
Candy Science: Dancing Hearts This is a fun science demo and perfect for using up those candy hearts. Learn how to make your conversation hearts dance.


More Valentine Activities

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