Christmas Mystery Bag – Sense of Touch Activity

We continue our countdown to Christmas for day 19 of Advent. I’m sharing a Christmas science idea with you at the beginning of each day until Christmas. Day 19’s activity is a Sense of Touch Activity with a Christmas Mystery Bag. 

Christmas Science Advent Calendar

Christmas Mystery Bag – Sense of Touch Activity 

Practice making observations with your sense of touch. Your sense of touch is found all over your body. You have nerve endings in your skin and other parts of your body. Why are your fingers the most sensitive areas to touch? They have the most nerve endings.

Christmas Mystery Bag - Day 19 of our Christmas Science Advent Calendar - Practice making observations with your sense of touch.

Here’s how to create a Christmas mystery bag:

  1. Place Christmas objects in a gift bag. {Use ornaments without hooks, ribbon, pinecones, cookie cutters, etc.}
  2. Have your child reach into the bag and touch an object.
  3. Have him/her describe the object and try to say what it is.

Here are some of the objects we used:
Christmas Mystery Bag - Day 19 of our Christmas Science Advent Calendar

Questions to ask:

  • What does the object feel like?  {very open ended}
  • What shape is the object (is it round, square, irregular…)?
  • What is the texture of the object (soft, hard, rough, squishy…)?
  • What do you think the object is?

Modifications for younger children:

  • Let your child see all of the objects before you place them in the bag.
  • Don’t use a bag.  Select Christmas objects with various textures, shapes, and colors.  Talk about each object with your little one.
  • Place just one object in the bag at a time.  This way you can tailor your questions to the object in the bag.
  • Let your child select the Christmas objects. Then, you describe them.

What will you place in your Christmas mystery bag?

I’ll see you tomorrow for Day 20’s Christmas science activity.

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