Challenge and Discover: Weather Science

Welcome back to another Challenge and Discover – our bimonthly science challenge co-hosted with Science Sparks. Thanks so much to everyone that linked up to our Fun with Rulers challenge. The next challenge is Weather Science. In April and May, we are challenging you to do weather science activities with your kids. We will give you examples of projects for the theme on our blogs.

Weather Science for Kids - Join our latest Challenge and Discover science challenge!

Weather Science for Kids

Here are some examples of weather science activities to get you started. I’ll be sharing more weather science ideas through April and May.

I talked a lot about making weather observations with toddlers and preschoolers in our P is for Precipitation post {part of the A to Z Science series}. The post focused on learning about different types of precipitation {rain, snow, sleet, freezing rain, hail, or fog}.

You can record weather patterns over time. Make a chart and record the daily temperature, whether it’s sunny or cloudy, whether it’s windy, and what type(s) of precipitation occurred.

Observe air movement in the atmosphere by cloud watching.

Try one of these air experiments and activities, too. Learn about air currents, clouds, wind, air resistance, and more.

Sun vs. shade experiments – What effect does the sun have on temperature? Is a rock warmer in the sun than in the shade? What about water? Measure the temperature with an infrared thermometer. Will an ice cube melt faster in the sun or in the shade?

Make a cloud in a jar. Show the process of cloud formation with an aerosol spray. {Watch the video to see how it works plus other weather science ideas.}

Learn about hurricanes and make a hurricane with us. Aiden {then age 3.5} has a video tutorial to show you how.

Science Sparks has more ideas, so be sure to check over there, too!

Challenge and Discover: Weather Science

This time we’re trying something different for sharing. Instead of linking up posts here, we invite you to share your weather science posts or photos:

By sharing, you are giving us permission to grab one picture and feature your projects on our blogs and social media sites. We’d love for you to grab a button and add it to your post.

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