Halloween Science: Dancing Ghosts and Bats

Welcome back to another Challenge and Discover – our monthly science challenge link up co-hosted with with Science Sparks. Thanks so much to everyone that linked up to last month’s baking soda challenge. This month’s challenge is Halloween science. We are challenging you to do science with your kids with a Halloween twist. We will give you examples of projects for the theme on our blogs and in our special Spooky Science Halloween Hangouts. Affiliate links are included in this post.

Challenge and Discover: Halloween Science - come share your Halloween science activities

Static Electricity Dancing Ghosts and Bats

We first experimented with static electricity and different materials over at the Kids Activities Blog. Tissue paper stuck to our balloon quite well. I thought it would be fun to make Halloween shapes out of the tissue paper and use static electricity to move the shapes around.

Here’s what you need:

  • balloon
  • tissue paper
  • markers
  • scissors
  • tape
  • sweater or your hair

Cut out your Halloween shapes from the tissue paper. We chose a ghost and a bat. After cutting out the bat, I colored the white tissue paper with a black marker and waited for it to dry.

Tape the bottom of your ghost, bat, or other Halloween shapes to the table.

Halloween Science: Static Electricity Dancing Ghost

Rub the balloon on a sweater or a head of hair to gather some extra electrons. Move the balloon over your Halloween shapes. The balloon is attracted to the tissue paper. The tissue paper will rise up. As you move the balloon around, the tissue paper will move as well.

Halloween Science: Static Electricity Dancing Bat

If you don’t tape down your tissue paper, your Halloween shapes will most likely just get stuck to the balloon.

More Halloween Science

Challenge and Discover: Halloween Science

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