Cardboard Tube Monsters

Our cardboard tube monsters are easy to make. They will surely spark your kids imagination and inspire some pretend play.

Cardboard Tube Monsters

Cardboard Tube Monsters

These cardboard tube monster were designed and created by Aiden {age 4.5}. Out of our craft supplies, Aiden grabbed a few things and assembled the monsters. You can make some, too!


Cardboard Tube Monsters materials

  • cardboard tubes
  • rubber bands
  • googly eyes
  • glue
  • paint {optional}
  • paint brushes {optional}

How to Make the Monsters:

Aiden put 2 rubber bands around each cardboard tube. He varied the thickness and colors of the rubberbands. Then, he glued googly eyes to the cardboard tube. That’s it.

Cardboard Tube Monsters

Aiden used a bit too much glue for one of the cardboard tubes. {He took off the glue lid and dumped the glue on the tube.} I think it looks like the monster has a mask.

I asked if he wanted to paint the cardboard tubes. At first he said no. He liked the monsters as they were. Later he changed his mind.

We used acrylic paint to paint them. You may want to use washable paint depending on your craft area and your kids.

Cardboard Tube Monsters

We found a black cardboard tube in our craft stash. I don’t remember where it came from, but it made the perfect monster {and no painting involved}.

Cardboard Tube Monsters

Easy. Fun. I love that it was all Aiden’s idea.

Here’s another fun monster craft you’ll love. Make 3D paper monsters.

3D Paper Monsters

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