15 Easy Monster Crafts for Kids

Monsters are such a fun craft for kids to make. They allow for so much creativity. Check out these 15 Easy Monster Crafts for Kids.

Easy Monster Crafts for Kids

Easy Monster Crafts for Kids

Make 3D Paper Monsters from origami paper cups.

In this processed oriented art, we ended up painting monsters.

These cardboard tube monsters are sure to spark your child’s imagination and inspire pretend play.

Pom pom monsters are a quick and easy craft perfect for adding little monsters to your day.

Turn your child’s monster drawing into a freezer paper stencil and create your own glow in the dark monster shirt with Tulip glow paint. {sponsored by I Love to Create}

Create monster cupcakes in the microwave. Let your kids create the recipe, help bake the cake, and make the monsters. It’s an edible craft.

Build Square Monsters from leftover crafting supplies. {Creative Family Fun}

Practice learning shapes and make Shape Monsters. {Kids Activities Blog}

Try Yarn Monsters. {hands on: as we grow}

Create monsters with stickers. {At Home with Ali}

Practice letter recognition with this Letter Monster Craft. {No Time for Flashcards}

Make monster puppets from egg cartons. {Red Ted Art}

Try monster making fun with face parts and googly eyes. {Rainy Day Mum}

Build a monster and play some monster math games. {NurtureStore}

Have some monster fun by making big green blot paint monsters. {Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas}

What is your favorite way to make monsters?


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