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Letter Sounds Race

Letter Sounds Race

Practice letter recognition and letter sounds with a fun game that gets kids moving. I get commissions for purchases made through affiliate links …

Build a Hexbug Track

Hexbug Cardboard Tube Track

Hexbugs are a recent favorite toy of Aiden’s. What’s not to love about small robots that race around tracks and through tunnels? …

Kid-Made Puzzles

Easy Kid-Made Puzzles

I love sharing ideas that my son has. His latest creation is a quick and easy kid-made puzzle. It’s great for working those …

Draw a Letter Matching Game

Draw a Letter Matching Game

I love simple learning games and quick play ideas. I created this draw a letter matching game when I saw a deck of …

Launching Cars Measuring Practice - an easy to set up, quick play idea that practices number recognition and measuring skills.

Launching Cars Measuring Practice

Our latest Challenge and Discover theme is Fun with Rulers. We’re challenging you to practice measuring with rulers with your kids. Today’s …