Sight and Sound Nature Scavenger Hunt

Go for a hike and explore the outdoors with this fun nature scavenger hunt. Look and listen for the sights and sounds of nature. What will you find?

Sight and Sound Nature Scavenger Hunt

Sight and Sound Nature Scavenger Hunt

We love spending time outside going for walks, playing at the park, or hiking in the woods. I created a nature scavenger hunt to focus on the sights and sounds we see in the woods. Grab the printable at the bottom of the post.


Take a look at the trees. Have you ever noticed they are different heights? It’s probably easy to find a tree that’s taller than you are. Can you find one that’s shorter than you? Look for a sapling or young tree. Take a look at the difference in the leaves. Can you name any of the trees?


How many types of flowers can you spot? What colors are they?


If your area has enough moisture, you might be able to find some moss. Do you know the difference between moss and lichen? Moss is usually soft and green. It reminds me of carpet.


Lichen is actually two organisms living together in symbiosis. A fungus and algae or cyanobacteria benefit from living together. Lichen often looks flaky.


What kind of insects can you find? Butterflies, dragonflies, bees, ladybugs, ants, beetles?

We spotted this beautiful damselfly on one of our hikes.


And here’s a ladybug.


A bee carrying lots of pollen was a cool find.


If you turn over a log, what will be there? A slug and mushrooms are what we found under this log.


If you do turn over a log, place it back where you found it. We don’t want to ruin anyone’s home. Also watch out for snakes. They like to hang out around logs.

Download the Sight and Sound Nature Scavenger Hunt for your own personal or classroom use.

Sight and Sound Nature Scavenger Hunt printable

Have fun!

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This post was originally published on April 20, 2015.

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