Science Ideas from Quirky Mommas

I am joining the ranks of the Quirky Mommas over at the Kids Activities Blog.  I am excited to be one of their contributing authors!

It is a fabulous blog full of wonderful activities for kids for a wide range of ages.  I can get lost for hours reading all of the great ideas.  Since I tend to love creating and writing about ways to incorporate science into everyday play, I thought I would share some of my favorite science activities by the Quirky Mommas.

Make a balloon powered rocket.

Experiment with a paper airplane.

Can you make a potato chip bag float when it’s full of pennies?

Compare salt water and fresh water.

Learn about mixtures and solutions: have some fun making potions from kitchen ingredients.

Try one of my favorite versions of the lovely baking soda and vinegar reaction.

Create a ramp and design an easy experiment.

Create a compass rose to work on map reading skills and directions.

Learn about pulleys.

Make your own terrarium.

I hope you enjoy these fun science ideas!

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