Science at Home: Water Experiments & Activities

Thanks for joining us for the next episode in our Science at Home video series. Today we’re sharing water experiments & activities. Try out these fun and easy ideas and get busy doing science together.

Water Experiments

Science at Home: Water Experiments & Activities

Watch the video to see our activities and discussion.

1) I talk about creating density layers. You can use saltwater, sugar water, and even fruit juices! Find out more in our layering liquids density experiment post.

2) Maggy from Life at the Zoo and Red Ted Art shares a condensation experiment inspired by their visit to an indoor pool. Read more about the condensation experiment here.

3) Emma from Science Sparks shows us a simple demonstration of surface tension. Read more about surface tension here.

4) Cerys from Rainy Day Mum talks about setting up a melting ice experiment and exploring with colored ice.

5) Anthea from Blue Bear Wood discusses how water moves and shows us capillary action can be used to move water from one glass to another. Read more about how water moves through capillary action here.

6) Allison from Learn Play Imagine also shares a walking water experiment.


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