Quick Play Idea: Matching Games

If you have a deck of playing cards, I have a quick play idea for you. A number matching game is easy to set up with a stack of number cards from the game Uno, Phase 10, SkipBo or anything similar. I have a bonus color matching game for you as well.

Quick Play Idea: Number Matching Game

Number Matching Game

How to Play:

  1. Remove the cards from the deck that aren’t numbers. You will not use these.
  2. Place the number cards in order from lowest to highest (one card of each number).
  3. Flip over a number card.
  4. Match the card with the correct card on the table.
  5. As you play the game, talk about the cards – the numbers, the colors, etc.

Color Matching Game

Quick Play Idea: Color Matching Game

How to Play:

  1. Find containers that match the colors in your deck. {We used Uno, so our colors were red, blue, yellow, and green. I have small baskets in those same colors.} You can also just pull out one card of each color and place them on the table.
  2. Flip over a card.
  3. Place the card in the corresponding color basket {or on top on the corresponding color card}.
  4. Ask questions as you play. What color is your card? What color basket does it go in? What number is on your card?

These games are perfect when you need a quick play idea, but you don’t want to play the actual card game. Not only are you practicing numbers and colors, but you are also practicing sorting skills. And it’s fun!

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