Go on a Number Walk

A number walk is a fun way to practice writing numbers while walking (or biking) around the neighborhood. Grab some chalk and head outside. Affiliate links are included in this post.

Go on a number walk to practice writing numbers!

Go on a Number Walk

This number walk activity was 5 year old Aiden’s idea. He wanted to create another treasure hunt for the neighbors. There was rain headed our way so I knew we wouldn’t have time to write down all of the clues on the sidewalk. I suggested he just write the numbers instead.

Go on a number walk to practice writing numbers!

As he biked around the neighborhood, he stopped every so often and wrote a number on the sidewalk.

Some numbers took him a few tries to get right. Other numbers he needed help. This was a great way for me to see what numbers he didn’t know how to write yet. We can work on those later.

Go on a number walk to practice writing numbers!

After making a complete circle back to our house, we headed out again and looked for the numbers he wrote.

I asked Aiden if he wanted to practice writing his numbers. I would write the number first, then he could write over the top of it. We used regular sidewalk chalk first and then neon sidewalk chalk on top.

Practice writing numbers with chalk

Aiden also wanted me to write on top of his numbers, so we took turns.

Our number walk turned into a wonderful way of practicing writing numbers – a totally unplanned lesson. Those are the best kind.

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